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If you are looking for a sitter for your loved ones, whether kids or animals, you’ve come to the right place. I adore children and pets of all personalities, shapes, and sizes—and they seem to like me too.

Interaction is incredibly important to kids and animals. This is why I’m not the type of sitter to place kids in front of the TV or leave critters in their pens or crates.

Whether you need a pet sitter for the week or a babysitter for a night out, I hope I can make your life easier.

Rate Estimates

Kids (0-4)
1 @ $8/hr
2 @ $12/hr
3+: Contact
Kids (4-10)
1 @ $7/hr
2 @ $10/hr
3 @ $12/hr
4 @ $14/hr
5+: Contact
1 @ $14/day
2 @ $24/day
3 @ $30/day
4+: Contact
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